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Tequila Red

My husband is out of town on business, which means I get special kid time and kids get to feel like they’re on vacation.

I picked them up from school after my day in the city…

…and we went straight to my childhood ice cream spot.

Carolina Cones.

Ahhh… It’s been right down the road from the house I grew up in for as long as I can remember.  And every time I take my babies there, I can’t stop smiling.  It’s changed a bit… you can’t also rent VHS tapes there anymore… but it’s still got its charm.

My daughter ordered her first ever ice cream that was not ‘smooth chocolate’.  Guys. This is a big deal.  She does not do chunks.  And she was very happy with her ‘birthday cake’ flavor.

She fell off the seesaw 5 minutes later and got the wind knocked out of her and added a few scrapes to her body…

But that’s not the most important part of this post.

(She was fine 2 minutes later after she got to pick where our ‘special dinner’ would be and back playing on the playground, so no worries 🙂 )

I started this tradition of ‘staycationing when daddy is away’ a few years ago and it really makes their time a lot better.  And mine too 😉

He was out to dinner tonight before all his meetings begin tomorrow, texting me his cocktail and dinner details as they came in.

Meanwhile, I just got back from Wendy’s – with damp hair and elastic pants, wiping mustard from my face.

But that’s not the most important part of this post.

He had told me earlier his cocktail was… and I quote:

‘Tequila. Strawberry. Campari. Lime. Mezcal.’

A little time passed… and then damnit. I wanted a cocktail too.

I asked him:

‘What kind of cocktail should I make?’

Immediately, his response:

‘Tequila. Strawberry. Campari. Lime. Mezcal?’

So, I just sort of put together what we had in the house that made sense to me.

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Bundles of Joy

I love fresh herbs and use them daily in my cooking.  We do grow some, but we don’t have the best soil for a lot of what we like, so we do tend to buy a lot… or get some from mama ;-).  And there aren’t many things more disappointing in the kitchen than going to use your herbs and finding them all mushed.

the worst.

So, here are just some quick tips for how to take care of your fresh herbs when you get them, so they’ll last as long as you need them to!!

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Open Sesame! Dark Chocolate Fudge Brownies with a Sesame Caramel Swirl

Yeah, I know. That’s a lot of words.  But I needed all of them to fully paint the taste picture of these babies.  So, let’s talk sesame.  It may sound odd to include sesame seeds in a dessert, especially a chocolate one.  But if you break it down, sesame is a seed… which is close to a nut… and nobody is weirded out about using nuts in desserts.

Especially a chocolate one.

And since we’ve gotten that out of the way, you can now totally understand why it’s acceptable and downright amazing in concept to use tahini in desserts.

Especially a chocolate one.

Tahini being a paste made out of ground sesame seeds… sort of like how peanut butter is a paste made out of peanuts…?

It’s sesame butter, y’all.

We good now?


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Shrimp, Roasted

I’ve been peeling and eating shrimp since I was a tiny, able child.  I’m pretty damn good at it too.  Traditionally when you’re having peel ‘n eat shrimp, the shrimp has been either steamed or boiled.  Most fish houses steam theirs, as it’s the easiest way for them to cook a lot of shrimp at once.  But I would say most households that are going to cook them, do so by boiling them in a big pot.  A lot of times you’re boiling it with smoked sausages, big chunks of potato and corn on the cob for a ‘shrimp boil’ or ‘frogmore stew’ as it’s sometimes called.  And if you’re doing it right, you’re boiling it in beer.

That’s how I’ve always prepared my shrimp for peeling and eating.  Always.

Until now.

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Salmon, Broiled

Salmon is one of my all time favorite proteins.  I love it so much that I’m a purist when it comes to how I like it… I don’t want a heavy sauce, I don’t want you breading it, and I don’t want you buttering it.  Salmon is such a fatty fish as it is, that it needs something to balance that fat… not add to it.  When I order it out, unless I’m at a high caliber type of place, I’ll even ask them to prepare it with no oil or butter.  I have had far too many pieces of salmon swimming in butter placed before me than I’d like, so I just started being one of those people. And although I do enjoy a little Asian inspired/slightly sweet and tangy glaze from time to time, my favorite way to season salmon is simply with salt and lemon.

and that’s it.

And even though I enjoy most foods crispier-crusted than not… I have started preparing my salmon in a completely different way lately and wanted to share it with y’all!

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Whipped Yogurt Omelette

Welcome to Abbey’s Laboratory.

So I’ve been working on this omelette recipe / technique / idea for several weeks now.  It all started when I was really craving a giant omelette after one of my workouts.  I’m lactose intolerant, so I couldn’t safely go the milk/cream route.  But I can handle yogurt (due to all the good bacteria).  And I’ve been known to replace yogurt for milk/cream, etc. in a lot of recipes and it’s always worked out well.  Baked goods come out thicker and ‘creamier’, which I always prefer, so it’s a natural swap for me.

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