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My Soufflé Photography Career

My husband sends me a text in the middle of work yesterday that read:

Want me to blow your mind?

My hands were covered in batter, as was my phone, and I had floured handprints on my hiney.

(stop. handprints were mine. keep your head in the game.)




Thanksgiving is next week.

mind. blown.

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Food + Wine

Pain Killers are needed

Thirteen years ago a skinny boy with hair agreed to be my partner for eternity.  I was a squishy girl in a poorly executed self afflicted haircut, in a dress I paid cash for, deeply unsure of who I was, and the only thing that I knew for fact was that this man was my future. Our families were circled around us.  And we said our I-Do’s barefoot on a beach in St. John, USVI at sunset.  Our vows were of the earth, the island

and love.

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Food + Wine

Halloween Candy and Wine Pairings . and me on the tv

You ever sit around with a fistful of candy and think, ‘well, I wonder what wine would go with this?!’

Yeah, me neither.

But I loves me a challenge.  So for my next wine segment for tv (Wednesday, October 25th (tomorrow!!!) around 8:45 a.m. on Good Day Charlotte – WJZY FOX 46) I will be pairing some of the most popular Halloween candies with yummy, affordable (dry!) wines… all under $20!!

…because dessert wine pairings would be too easy, silly.

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a little KuKu

Have you ever been so busy in life where one aspect of it just gets cut out completely, and then so much time passes that you struggle with even knowing how to bring it back into the routine?  For some people that may be exercise, or keeping up with certain friends in their life, or a hobby… for me it’s been work.  And this blog.  And then I guess my social life?  Which ties into my work…

Since we’ve been undergoing all the home renovations, and working towards selling our house to move, things just keep getting crazier.

and busier.

and stressed-ier.

It’s like… like… a big pile of dirty laundry on top of a dusty floor that should have been cleaned before the laundry got to it but life never let you do that and over time that pile keeps getting more clothes added to it and it grows higher and higher until you just feel like

screw it.  i’ll just go buy new clothes. because I can’t possibly get to the bottom of this

That’s me in life right now.

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Food + Wine

Pumpkin Bread for the ages

(sleepy drained abbey never hit publish on this last night and sleepy drained abbey wishes to not change the narrative to have it make more sense today, so use your time machine to pretend you got this at the end of yesterday, k?)

So I have legit drafted about 4 recipe posts in the past couple of weeks… then life keeps getting in the way and I get re-routed.  I’m sure I’ll get them to you eventually, but right now I have something

simple . delicious . seasonal . comforting

and baked

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