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Vivian Howard’s Coffee Cake and all the figs that got me there

I wanted to make her Cornbread Coffee Cake with Fresh Figs and Walnut Streusel.

It was a rainy Tuesday.  It had been a busy week, I was freshly recovering from a back injury… so I hadn’t been grocery shopping quite as regularly as one would like.

…we had begun to tap into the rations.

But I wanted to make her Cornbread Coffee Cake with Fresh Figs and Walnut Streusel.

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Food + Wine

Spicy Watermelon Cilantro Margarita

If you want your lips to tingle with warmth, and your tongue to dance with excitement, follow me.

I know the way.


makes 2 cocktails

In a shaker, combine the following…

  • 2 oz tequila (blanco is my go-to for margs, but I don’t judge)
  • 2 oz triple sec (or other fav fancier orange liqueur if you’re feelin’ it today)
  • the juice of 2 large and juicy limes
  • big ole handful of fresh watermelon chunks (juicy red and ripe), hand squeezed into shaker, because Saturday doesn’t wait for pretense
  • 6 slices fresh serrano chilis (jalapeños could be subbed)
  • 8 leaves fresh cilantro (aren’t I all specific and stuff)

(*note- if you’re a sweeter person than me, taste before pouring and add some agave to taste.  No shame in gettin’ whatchu want. But this here is good for me.)

Add a couple ice cubes to get the party started.

shake, shake shake.

Pour into desired glasses (I like martini glasses for these)

Feel free to salt the rims (I cannot… my body cannot handle too much salinity) – if you do, I suggest zesting those limes to add to the salt.


be warm.

love. xo

Food + Wine

Summer Garden Salad

Making a quick raw vegetable salad in the summertime with whatever was picked from the garden that day is a very common occurrence in my family.  It’s generally tomatoes, cucumbers, sometimes peppers, herbs (usually basil), and then lightly dressed with lemon (sometimes lime), olive oil, salt and pepper.  Sometimes I add some canned tuna to it, sometimes leftover chicken, sometimes it’s a light lunch/snack, sometimes it’s a side to our steak for dinner.  And when we’re garden sitting for my mama, we find ourselves making it even more.

We’re garden sitting for my mama this week.

I’ve turned into a tomato.

Yesterday as I was fixing myself one for a late afternoon snack… tomatoes, cucumber, basil, lime, olive oil, salt pepper… I glanced over to the colander with the fig harvest… I took a bite of my salad, then added a fig to my mouth, and really, really liked it.

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Food + Wine

Summer Whites Under $15

Ok, y’all.  Mark your calendars, set your DVR’s, rewind those blank tapes

‘Cuz mama’s gon be on the tee vee this Saturday.


So I was asked to do a segment on summer white wines under $15 for WCNC-NBC.

Isn’t that what we’re all wanting right now?!


I’m working with Deutsch Family Wine and Spirits and all their (so many damn) wines they distribute.  Guys, they work with so many of my favorite juices… and then so many you see eeeeverywhere (hello, yellowtail).

So before you see me live on the air talking about everything this Saturday…

(August 5th 6-7 am on WCNC-NBC) 😉

…I wanted to give all you beautiful people a little peep on the inside scoop beforehand.

because I love you.

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Food + Wine

Raw Kale Cobb (ish)

Well hello there lovely people.  What’s shakin?!  It’s been a minute.  Life, man.  It happens.

So I’d love to sit down with you all and chat about feelings and thoughts and other important words like that, but I haven’t the time.  Still love ya though.

Don’t feel sad.  Here’s a salad!

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