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Boozy Coffee Frappe – the healthier way

Man, I love me some coffee flavored stuff.  I drink my coffee super strong with a tiny splash of half&half every morning of my life, but if the world were perfect and forgiving, I would drink it sugared.  I don’t even have a sweet tooth, but the combination of coffee + creamy + sweet is amazing to me.  Ok.  Technically speaking – if the world were perfect and forgiving, I would drink it with a giant amount of Irish Cream.  It’s not even because I’d want the booze effect, it’s just because Irish Cream is DELICIOUS and should be there always. My husband and I have already decided that when I’m old, I’m just gonna be moderately tipsy all day long just from my coffee.  So one of my favorite things to indulge in is something involving coffee, irish cream and kahlua.  Anything along those lines makes me so happy.

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Don’t knock it, Doc it! See also: Campfire Brownies

This post is about shortcuts.

I put so much pressure on myself to do everything the ‘right’ way and the hard way.  I want to feel the work I’ve done, the sweat, the aches.  It’s just how I am.  This can be a good thing, sure.  I get a lot of shit done.  And it all comes out pretty well, sure.  I have a lot of pride behind my work.  I’m ultimately very happy I am that way.  However, I think sometimes I feel a bit guilty for taking shortcuts on things, or taking a break… and I don’t think that’s particularly healthy.  But I’m working on it.  I think I have a fairly decent balance in all of it, but I think I could beat myself up less when I feel I need some time off.  I need to remember that there’s nothing wrong with taking a shorter way to get to the same place sometimes if your legs need a break from all the walking.  As long as the journey is enjoyed.

This post is also about boxed brownies mixes.

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Watermelon Cucumber Mint Slushies

No time for words, the outdoors are calling me.  And so is this drink.

It all started Fourth of July when I carried a watermelon…

(where my dirty dancing fans at?)

This sucker weighed 50 pounds, which I was not prepared for.

And that is not an exaggeration.  I wonder if that’s how much Jennifer Grey’s melons weighed?

So I’ve had a lot of watermelon since then.  Today I juiced most of what was left and made up a batch of these yummers!  It’s an excellent drink to have on a hot summer day when you’re out in the sun.  Watermelon is very hydrating, as it’s mostly all water (over 90%) and it offers some natural sun protection (but please don’t skimp on the sunscreen!!)… as well as many other health benefits.

These blended drinks are a cinch to make and are extremely healthy, naturally sweetened only by the melon itself, and very, very refreshing.

Make some!!


makes 1 quart

In a blender, add the following…

  • 4 cups watermelon chunks, seeds removed (or 4 cups fresh watermelon puree/juice)
  • 1/2 standard cucumber, skin peeled, cut into chunks
  • juice of 1 large and juicy lime
  • handful fresh mint leaves
  • 8 count pour of vodka (can also sub other spirit of choice – gin, tequila or light rum would be excellent choices… OR make it virgin!  It’s really yummy as is too!)
  • (optional- squeeze of agave nectar/honey if you like a sweet drink.  This ends up being a little less sweet than watermelon is naturally because of the added cucumber and lime, but I enjoy the sweet-tartness of it!)

Blend until completely smooth.

Freeze until frosty.

OR put in one of those insulated slushy cups (like this one here on Amazon) for a quicker drink 😉

Sip, slurp, sun.


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Fourth of July Yogurt Pie and why

It was 1993.  Janet Jackson’s Janet was playing on repeat in my adolescent ears.  Snackwells were taking over.  And I was desperately trying to figure out who the hell I wanted to be and what my body was doing.

I was a very uncomfortable teenager.  Sometimes I felt cool and pretty.  (I absolutely pretended to be.)  But most of the time, I just wanted someone else to show me how to be those things.

Janet tried.

The amount of hours spent replicating her video moves in her video outfits and video smiles in my cluttered bedroom mirror cannot be counted.  I was inches and pounds away from being her, but Oh, i wanted it.  Now that I’m a grownup (eh), I can recognize that I was not unlike every. single. teenage. girl.  But at the time, I thought everyone had the handbook, and I was just fumbling through it all.  With thick thighs and wobbly bits and chubby cheeks.

I tried.

Enter the 90’s version of diets.

And I was INto it.

Fatfree everything.  Over-sugared to compensate. Fake shit all the places.  Just chemically produced breaths of what chocolate used to be in bright green boxes.

But to a lost little girl like me who just couldn’t stop eating, but wanted so very badly to look like Janet (or every lady that I studied in the Victoria’s Secret catalog that came to our house frequently), THIS was the answer.

So I ate me some Snackwells.

I listened me to some Janet.

And I danced my jiggly heart out.

And not a damn thing changed.

Enter this recipe.

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Buttermilk Lard Biscuits

I am on the other side of a 14 hour migraine, slowing starting to see things clearly again… I hope ya’ll have had a better start to your weekend than I have!!  So… since staring at a bright computer screen and trying to be clever and cute isn’t super appealing or even possible at the moment, I will let this recipe speak for itself 😉

I recently played around with my Whole Wheat Buttermilk Biscuit Recipe and somehow managed to make them even better!!  And all it took was a little pork fat.

because pork fat.

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