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Ginger Grape Julep with Thyme and Black Pepper

You have about 3 hours to go and make this for you and someone else.  Or I guess they both could be for you.  Or you could make as many as you want.  Or you could make it sooner than 3 hours.  Or in less than 3 hours.

That’s really not the point.

Just make it and drink it while you watch horses run.

I’ll spare you my opinions on horse racing, but I do love me a good theme.

And I also love me bourbon.

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Event Alert! – The Fresh Expo

So, it’s the time of year when most of my weekends are filled with outdoor concerts, picnics, festivals… lots of various fun, family activities.  And my little town, and the various towns and cities that surround it, now have so many different events to choose from!  Sidebar- Has anyone else local to me noticed what a crazy difference our area is now versus when we were growing up?  Like, actually stopped and taken the time to really notice that. I get more and more impressed by what Charlotte and the surrounding areas have available now by the week…  Amazing and award winning breweries, farm to table restaurants showcased in national publications and award ceremonies, and all the little companies and products in between.

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Food + Wine

The Crepe Escape

Today is Sunday.  It’s raining.  I slept in.  I cooked all morning, barefoot in my kitchen, to the sound of Patty Griffin and window raindrops.  I never put on pants.  And I just poured myself another strong cup of coffee spiked with something stronger.  My house smells of braised pork shoulder.  And there’s a bottle of champagne on standby.

Today is my favorite.

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Food + Wine

DUTCH BABY, baby!!!

What’s not to like about a Dutch Baby?  (a.k.a German Pancake)  I mean… It’s a big ‘ole baked pancake!  Which, to me, just says: MORE BREADY-NESS.   YESSSS.  And they are such a cinch to make- basically consisting of eggs, flour, sugar, milk… all things pancake-y, plus some flavorings like vanilla and/or cinnamon, etc.  The batter is made right in the blender, then you just pour it into a preheated, buttered skillet (think popover) and baked until fluffy and golden brown and KILLER.

So . good.

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