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Brown Butter Pumpkin Biscuit Rolls

Awhile back I saw a recipe that my friends over at Feed Feed shared from a website called Taste and Tell. It was a take on cinnamon rolls made using a biscuit dough instead of a yeast dough… so you could make them quicker than traditional cinnamon rolls (in about 30 minutes!!), but probably also?

Because biscuits rule.

I made them for houseguests a couple weeks ago and they were phenomenal.  Loved by all.  I shared them on Instagram that morning…

So naturally I wanted to put a twist on them and see what else I could come up with.

And guys?  GUYS.  These are incredible.



It’s like Pumpkin Pie, Cinnamon Rolls and Buttermilk Biscuits made a baby.

And you reeeeeally want that baby.

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Indian Coconut Green Lamb Curry with Sorghum

I had lamb… I was in the mood for curry… the rest brought me here!  I know they sell curry pastes and sauces in all markets now, and I know there are a lot of great versions of them…  But that would be one hell of a boring post, wouldn’t it?

I made my own green curry sauce… based on what I figured would go in one… based on past tastings and what memory the old brain had of them… and blended it with coconut milk to slow cook with some leg of lamb that I rubbed with yellow curry powder and garam masala.  I had it simmering on low, along side the pot of sorghum softening in water, while my husband and I were at the kids’ swimming practice the other day.  We came home to the house smelling incredible, and dinner being ready.

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National Red Wine Day – Fall Wines!

Heeeey, y’all!  Set those DVR’s again to watch me talk wine!  This Monday, August 28th on FOX 46 WJZY, I’ll be with the good people of Good Day Charlotte sippin’ and spoutin’ some fun wine talk. I won’t take my first sip til around 8:45 that morning, (which is a large difference from the 6 a.m. wine drinking I did with my boys over at NBC a couple weeks ago), but it’s always fun to watch someone morning drink, yeah?

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Crispy Chewy Cookies

…possibly a working title.  I’ve made these three times and still haven’t come up with a name for them, yet find myself just calling them ‘crispy chewies’ to the people I give them to.  Happy to take suggestions if anyone has anything better in mind.

These are so easy to make and so damn delicious.  It’s what you want in a large cookie – chewy.  And also what else you want in a large cookie – crispy.

Get it?

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Vivian Howard’s Coffee Cake and all the figs that got me there

I wanted to make her Cornbread Coffee Cake with Fresh Figs and Walnut Streusel.

It was a rainy Tuesday.  It had been a busy week, I was freshly recovering from a back injury… so I hadn’t been grocery shopping quite as regularly as one would like.

…we had begun to tap into the rations.

But I wanted to make her Cornbread Coffee Cake with Fresh Figs and Walnut Streusel.

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