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Sometimes Saturdays…your husband goes away on business and leaves you alone with two wild animals

That’s it.

Nah, I’ll give you a little more than that.
How ’bout a video? I haven’t done one of those in awhile.

This one was shot earlier this week when I found myself out of Garam Masala (gasp!)
So…now I have this!


Watch how I did it here:

And since you know my videos are always unedited, and naturally (and adorably?) sloppy, here’s the easy-to-read-and-follow ingredient list:

*Abbey’s Garam Masala
(My version of the savory spice blend found in a lot of Indian cuisine.)
•Measure out equal portions (I do a tablespoon) of each spice and place in a spice grinder. Grind until a powder forms.
black pepper
bay (or 5 whole leaves)
cayenne (start small and add as much or as little, depending on your taste)
•Store in an airtight container in a cool place for several months


*And here’s the link to the recipe I talked about in the video for my Central Asian Beef and Lentil Stew over Coconut Barley: 
Now I must go and get the sleep needed to tame the wild animals.
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