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    Apple Cider Mimosa

    This weekend was tough.  And I need today to be a Sunday replacement.  So I decided to take the time to share a supremely simple recipe for a delightfully delicious Fall cocktail.…

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    on your mark

    fun fact: the scars on my face are from a dog bite when I was a baby. he was our dog. and I guess he didn’t like my rough play style (still…

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    be child

    my daughter reminds me to marvel at hidden and overlooked treasures. a walk in the woods is never complete without stopping to notice fallen flowers, or broken stones shaped in a way…

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    Rite of Passage

    This began as an Instagram only post (because, I’m sorry y’all, but it’s just easier to write something quick under a photo these days), but then I changed my mind. So here’s…

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    Cleanest Dirty

    We all know I live a life of balance, yeah?  I eat bread.  I drink beer.  I eat red meat.  I like naps and pj’s. I wear high heels and too much…