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    My (new) LA Story

    Ok. So you’re about to get my recent LA trip photo-recapped real quick like.  Why? Because it’s Friday and I’m ready for a beer, followed by a lot of sitting.  If you…

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    raw toast is just bread

    Have you ever wondered why we call it a ‘toast’?  As in, raising your glass and giving a toast.  So…before the term ‘toasting’ became a thing, raising your glass in tribute, or…

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    One Step Closer to Fine

    I set out to write about last night’s debate today.  I was going to make a parallel to the Mayweather : Pacquiao fight that I (unfortunately) sat and watched all of last year.…

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    My day was good. If you would have asked me hours ago how my day was, I would have used a different adjective. One with much more color, I’d imagine.  The same…

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    I lowered myself into bed, noting the crispness of the newly cleaned sheets.  They felt cool on my weary and achey body.  It had just begun to rain outside.  The rain came hard…