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Dark Chocolate Mug Cake aka cake whenever you want cake

Oh hello gorgeous. How are you on this fine, cloudy summer afternoon?  I am dandy, thank you.  I’ve been on single mom mode for the last couple and I’m a bit tired, but hey – so is life, yes?  And whenever my husband goes out of town, the kids and I generally create something together.  We do lots of special things when he’s away, just so it’s less of a ‘daddy’s gone this week’ and more of a ‘mom is the coolest ever’ week.

Get it?

I mean, it’s really just for selfish reasons.

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The Purtiest Meatless Monday Lunch

Can we all just agree that my mama’s eggs are the most beautifullest?

Ok, good.

She brought some over to the house as a Father’s Day gift for my husband (how f’n sweet is that?!) and the minute I opened the carton, I got so very excited.  It’s actually the first thing I thought about when I opened my eyes this morning!

Just so darn pretty.

And while my son ate his oatmeal, and the sun was starting to spread its light over the house, I stepped outside and snapped that photo.

Then I couldn’t wait for what I was gonna do with those babies!  A simple and healthy but satisfying salad was the first thing that popped in my head, and that’s just what I did.

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National Rosé Day – first we learn, then we shop

National Rosé Day lies on the second Saturday in June.  Though, I don’t think we need a calendar telling us when to drink rosé… it’s pretty much a good idea from March to September, but nobody asked me.  Rosé has become pretty trendy over the past few years with the tank tops, mugs and tote bags telling us all that Rosé is Bae and Yes Way Rosé!  And instagram has the hashtags to prove it.

But rosé isn’t anything new.  And it absolutely went through a tough time in the 70’s and 80’s when white zinfandel came onto the scene and screwed everyone up.  That’s when anything pink was considered manufactured sugar water and it took a long time for people’s minds to be changed and get into the idea of (true) rosé again.

But thank goodness they have.

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Memorial Day Wine and me on the teevee

Is it rude if I don’t talk to you and only tell you about tomorrow?  Promise we’re still friends.

Watch me tomorrow morning on NBC: WCNC-TV talking Memorial Day wines!  The show is 9-9:30 and I should be on towards the top.  I just recently moved and my closet is scattered around my bedroom so here’s hoping I’ll be clothed and otherwise appropriately present.

Here we go.

I’m bringing 3 wines you can have some fun with on this long weekend (and beyond 😉 ) and a couple of bar accessories.  No excuses for not being prepared to party this weekend, yeah?

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Seis de Mayo

Holy crap am I excited I get to use that pun.  I literally made mayonnaise…. on the sixth of May…

I’m hilarious, y’all.

Busy day, busy week, busy life, so this is a quick one.

When you’re mid-Pimento Cheese and you discover you’re out of mayonnaise, and all of your back-up items are in storage or on their way to storage, you first text your husband and find a way to blame him for being out of mayonnaise, he then offers to stop by and get you some because he’s going to the store anyway but you hate the fact that you know you have a jar of backup mayonnaise in the box labeled BACK-UP PANTRY, so you just make your own damn mayo.

I’m a special kind of stubborn, ya’ll.

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